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Live Puzzle! Farm Numbers kids

1.99 usd

Help the rooster count all the animals of the farm! Your kids and toddlers will learn to count and identify the numbers from 1 to 12 while playing and having fun with the unique animated puzzles.Live Puzzle! can be played by toddlers, preschool kids, older kids, and thanks to the different levels of difficulty of the game, even grown-ups will enjoy it.
EDUCATIONAL CONTENT- toddlers can learn to count from 1 to 12- kids can learn to read the numbers and the names of the animals- the names of the animals are written and spoken in 10 languages- the app develops the following skills and abilities: analyzing, concentration, problem solving, eye-hand coordination. Ideal for preschool and kindergarten kids.
PRIVACY- no third party advertising- no in-app purchases- no data collection- contains a protected parent section in which you will find links to our other apps, to our website and to social networks
ABOUT KIDOTECA - APPS FOR CURIOUS KIDSWe think education can be fun! Our philosophy is to promote learning through gaming and discovery. We create innovative educational games for kids. Visit our website at - if you have any comments or suggestions, please send us an email at .
ABOUT LIVE PUZZLELive Puzzle! is a new kind of puzzle for kids. Forget the static jigsaw puzzles, here children are amazed by cartoon animations never stopping: the scene keeps moving while kids drag and drop the puzzle pieces, like the classical jigsaw puzzles. When the puzzle is completed, children can click on the animal to play a rewarding and funny animation. The name of the animal is displayed and is spoken when children click on the text.HIDDEN LEVELThis puzzle game contains a hidden difficulty mode. To unlock it, one has to unlock all the puzzles in the hardest level of difficulty (scientist rooster). Just click on a piece to make it rotate horizontally.